Rosendal part ll


I was just reading that this has been the coldest summer so far in like five decades. Weather is always part of the conversation here, and yes, the weather usually is bad around this side of the world. Tho, I'm still looking forward to warmer drier days. I know that they are coming. You definitely don't want to lose hope.
And when they do come... ahh. when they eventually come, I'm going to be outside all day, go to Nytorget for coffee, take boat rides, be in a good mood and I'll definitely go back to Rosendal.
It actually was pretty sunny here a couple of weeks ago. And I did go to Rosendal. Rode my bicycle there and had delicious soup and then a perfect fika (coffee and cinnamon rolls).
They make the best cinnamon rolls I've had so far in Sweden. They are freshly made everyday, big and sweet, but not too sweet, slightly crispy on the outside and soft and airy inside. Just as it should be.
Now I'm looking forward to warmer days so I can go do all these things we are supposed to do in the summer. Even if it takes five decades..

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