Bianchi Cafe

Bianchi Cafe
Norrlandsgatan 20

It's not often that I find myself around the Östermalm area of Stockholm. It's the fancy part of town and I'm not too fancy, yet. Still it's a busy and picturesque neighborhood and it's good to go over from time to time to check out some stores and feel a bit posh.
It's not easy finding interesting cafes there, too many people, too many tourist traps.
Owned by the legendary italian brand, Bianchi Cafe and bike shop is different, if a bit overpriced. Coffee is good and strong and they offer Italian cakes and pastries for the afternoon snacks. For lunch they have sallads and soups, all freshly prepared. 
Overall, a great place to take a break from all the shopping and walking around.
Now, I don't own a Bianchi bicycle, tho. They are too fancy, and I'm not that fancy, yet.