Reggev Hummus

I haven't written here in such a long time. So many things happened since my last post: a new relationship, moved a couple of times, new studies, trips. Couldn't really fit them here in one post. But since this blog's not about me then I'll just leave it there. 
Yesterday was a chilled day here in Stockholm. Warm weather, lazy afternoon. Since I skipped lunch I got very hungry at 17:00 already. So we decided for a light but substantial lunch. Something fresh, home made, but filling and nutritious. Now it seemed like an impossible task, but....
Reggev Hummus, as the name promises, is all about hummus. 
Probably the only place in town that focuses solely on hummus. Freshly made everyday, and served with a variety of toppings (I usually order the unfortunately but accurately named 'foul' hummus, which is a great veggie option) Reggev is the ideal place for a quick and efficient or a lazy and slow lunch, like mine yesterday. 
They also prepare lemonade and serve sweet and crispy baklawas for dessert. 
As I said before, so many things happened this past year. Many changes and new opportunities. One thing will also change, though. I'll be posting more often here. That's my mid year resolution.