I'm working on this project for school researching museums in Stockholm. It has been a journey. A journey that took me to some exciting places and well.. others not so life-changing. Most museums I contacted beforehand so I could interview their Communications Directors and some were really friendly and helpful, as  Communication Directors should be. Others didn't answer but at least I got to visit many museums for free. So that's always a plus.
The interestingly named Sven-Harrys was one of the friendliest museums, inviting me to the opening of Björn Bergs exhibition yesterday, which was really good. It was my first time there and the terrace made an impression. Great views of the neighbourhood and park around, plus a calming sense of peace. The building is golden (which can't be appreciated in my black and white pics, but I was trying to be artistic) and airy and sticks out like a beautifully golden sore, much needed in this upper middle class area. Then I took a coffee right downstairs and sat outdoors. Before winter comes. School work, coffee, golden buildings and Svennis. Not bad for a random Saturday.