Albert & Jack's

It hasn't snowed in Stockholm, yet. Yes it is cold and yes, it is getting darker. But no snow. That's ok by me. I'm not a big fan of snow. Or skiing or snowboarding. For me snow is something to hide from and avoid at all costs. Unless you are a child in a snow fight. So I'm enjoying this snow-less fall. I was around Humlegården the other day taking pictures pretending to be interesting and I was craving me some good coffee. And croissants. It was cold. Very cold.
Of course I headed to Albert & Jack's. They bake everything with the finest organic flours, always fresh, and always good. This fairly tiny cafe/bakery is ideal for a quick lunch or fika. Good food, strong smooth coffee and fresh baked goods.
During the warmer months they even lend out bikes for people who want to take their food and coffee to the park. I wonder if they are gonna let people borrow skis now for the winter?
I'm not bothered, tho. I don't like skiing. If I can't bike then I walk. If I can't walk then I sit down with a good coffee. And a good croissant. That's what I did the other day.