A few years ago when I first came visit Stockholm I found myself walking around Hornstull. I remember thinking the area was a bit off, slightly ran down, but still interesting and secluded from the rest of the city. Today It's a another story. The area has been regenerated, so much so that it's almost unrecognisable. New stores, dumpling restaurants, fancy wine bars and sourdough pizzerias have all sprang up in the area. Which is all good, I mean, who doesn't need a dumpling restaurant or a sourdough bakery around?
Still there are some places in the neighbourhood that hold some of the old charm. Places like Copacabana and Vurma are ideal for those in need of some space to get some homework done, with some coffee and a cookie or two. A couple of days ago I went to Vurma, nicely located right by the water for some fika. They have a great selection of nicely priced vegetarian friendly sandwiches, salads, cookies, cakes and everything needed to survive the always evolving urban regeneration. This time I went for a simple cookie and filter coffee.
No need for dumplings or sourdough anything or fancy wine.