Bonniers Konsthall

The Bonniers are one of those (not so) traditional Swedish families that own most of the publishing world. Magazines, books and digital publishing and such go one way or another thru this family's empire. I've never met them and probably I never will but I do invite myself to Bonniers Konsthall, which is an art space/gallery used to support younger up and coming artists from Sweden and beyond. 
As things go, they also have a nicely put together cafe. Fancy cakes, homemade cookies and good coffee are all good company after indulging in Bonniers' family life. The building that hosts this gallery is also an indulgence of cool clean lines, big windows and manicured details, which makes my fika time a bit more precise and modern. 
When here I feel part of the family. Art all over, nice architectural details, free magazines and long fikas. Now that's a tradition I could get used to..