Thielska Galleriet

As soon as it gets warm, people are out en masse. Thousands of people, wherever you go. North, South, left and right. I love spring, but more often than not, when I see a lot of people I get cranky.
Today Saturday, 20 plus degrees. Stockholm becomes the best place in the world to be, really. In attempt to avoid the crowds we cycled all the way Thielska Galleriet for a light lunch and a good fika.
They have a beautiful and calm garden with some tables, lots of trees and a relaxing sea/water views.
I took a small veggie sandwich, then a much needed coffee with some carrot cake. Ah yeah, there's also a museum/gallery, but it was too sunny to be indoors, today.
Thielska is a hidden gem in Djugården. My spring Saturday favourite.