There are so many reasons why I haven't been updating my blog much. Finishing school, summer, a new job, laziness haha. Speaking of a new job, I now work around Östermalm, which is the fancy part of town, which in turn means expensive lunches. These past weeks I've been trying to find good places to go for lunch that don't cost a kidney, or two. 
As I may have mentioned before, I'm a vegetarian, and always on the lookout for a good veggie place. 
Enter Lemuria.  Literally a couple of blocks from my job, Lemuria has become one of my favorite places to go for lunch these days. A fully vegetarian restaurant + organic shop + hippie products with ingredients with funny names. All under one roof. 
For lunch they usually serve a warm dish (vegan and non-vegan) plus a fresh salad and a bowl of soup. All for 85kr, which is pretty amazing. The food is just great. Filling, healthy, well seasoned, delicious. 
They also sell organic products and produce. Overall it's relaxing to go to a place that feels very different from the posh, shiny and overpriced restaurants in the area. Yes it's a bit shabby, yes it's a bit hippie, and yes, it's very vegan. And that's why I'm there almost every day now for lunch.