El Taco Truck

El Taco Truck was the first taco truck in Stockholm. Yes, tacos in the North Pole. Doesn't make that much sense. I love tacos though, but the idea of having tacos outdoors when it's -10° out doesn't feel very authentic. Or wholesome. Lucky me though, they have now opened a 'proper' brick and mortar taco place. Right down the street from my office, in what it looks like a small garage, they managed to squeeze in this really nicely put together taqueria. I stopped by the other day, and ordered 4 veggie tacos. Good price, quickly made, and delicious, despite the microwaved tortillas (a big no no if you ask me). Still it was delicious, spicy and filling. Just as tacos should be. And indoors, proper for this dark and cold winter in the North Pole.

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