Choklad Fabriken


Choklad Fabriken
mon/fri 10am-6.30pm
sat 10am-5pm
sun closed
08 640 05 68

Where do we come from? Where are we going? Why do so many Swedish guys wear pointy leather shoes? Some mysteries will remain unsolved. But others won't. Like: where can I get the best chocolate in Sweden?
Easily, 'ChokladFabriken' (the chocolate factory) is the best place to go for freshly made chocolates, and everything chocolate related, from cakes to organic cocoa to yummy hot chocolate. The coffee is smooth, but strong, so be prepared.
These guys opened a few years ago, defying a swedish trend to outsource everything and stop using their hands at work. They have won just about each and every award in the competitive but delicious world of chocolate making. Their store looks pretty good, too. It's modern and clean, without being minimalistic or cold.
So, as far as 'where are we going?' I'm going to Choklad Fabriken. That's a mystery I'm willing to solve..