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I don't think Stockholm has a strong eating out tradition. It might be the cold, some old socialist thing, I dunno. Thankfully that is all changing. Younger people go out for lunch and dinner much more often than their parents.
In the last 5 years lots of casual, affordable restaurants and cafes have been popping up all over town. And that makes life a little more fun.
Chutney is one of my favorite vegetarian restaurants in the area. The food has eastern influences. From thai to indian curries and stews. It's very affordable, you can eat as much as you want to and it also works as an informal art gallery. This is the kind of place to go when you are really hungry. In the summer they take out a few tables to the sidewalk, so it's nice to sit out and enjoy the short but intense swedish summer. Chutney makes me happy, and being part of a new tradition, makes me even happier..


  1. Do they have vegan dishes?

  2. they certainly do. their menu is pretty small, something like 4 dishes a day. but most of them tend to be vegan........