Götgatan Stories

götgatan stories

Götgatan Stories
Götgatan 78

In the middle of Söder there's this horrible, monolithic 70's building that was supposed to solve all housing problems in the area. A few years ago it was empty and run down. Sometime last year, they fixed it up and transformed the main building into student accommodations, and opened several stores as well. There's a book store, a few clothing stores and most importantly Götgatan Stories.
It is one of my favorites cafes in the neighborhood. The design alone is worth the visit: great furniture, including a long cummunal table with tons of books and magazines to check out, the lighting, the counter. As far as lunch goes, there are fresh sandwiches, salads and smoothies. But the sweet things are the best. Like a killer chocolate cake, blueberry muffins, different kinds of chocolates, freshly baked cookies, and all sorts of baked swedish treats. Oh yeah, the coffee is pretty good, too!
So its fair to say that in the middle of Söder there still is a horrible and monolithic building. But with an amazing coffee shop and a few other stores on the main floor..

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