Espresso Baren @ Moderna Museet

moderna museet
espressobaren (moderna museet, yet again)

Moderna Museet
tue 10am-8pm
wed/sun 10am-6pm
mondays closed

Whether it's the Tate's, the MoMa or Malba, if there's something I love about going to Art Museums is enjoying a good cup of coffee after a couple of hours of walking around. Of course it's not different here in Stockholm.
Moderna Museet has an amazing cafe right at the entrance. Cinnamon rolls, muffins, chocolate and good coffee makes a visit to this modern art museum way worth it. In fact, last time I was there I didn't even bother to actually go check the art. So whether it's muffins, cinnamon rolls or brownies, if there's something i love about modern art museums is a great cup of coffee..