Primo Ciao Ciao

primo ciao ciao, stockholm

Bondegatan 44
mon/fri 1030am-930pm
sat/sun noon-930pm

Sweden is the home of some of the most unlikely marriages. Like an interesting and much debated mix between socialism and capitalism, or kebab pizza. Need I explain more? Something tells me that kebab and pizza just don't go together, and still, it probably is the most popular fast food item around the country. Pretty much, anywhere you go in the country, especially in small towns, there's always a kebab pizza place. I'm not entirely sure how this came about, but I do know that the Swedes love it.
Unfortunately I'm not into it, not only because I'm a veggie, but even if I was a meat eater (and I'm not even sure what kind of meat, if any, kebab is) I wouldn't eat it.
I think pizza should be simple, prepared with the freshest ingredients and cooked in a wood burning oven, if possible. Now I don't mean to sound picky or anything, but pizza is sacred, unlike socialism or capitalism.
My favorite pizza place in Stockholm is Primo Ciao Ciao. Right down the street from my place, this tiny pizzeria is everything a good pizzeria should be. They offer affordable, fresh and deliciously thin and crispy pizza, prepared in a wood burning oven.
Also there's a good variety of italian goods and desserts, from lady fingers and tiramisu to fluffy panettones (bringing childhood Christmas memories) and everything in between.
No kebab pizza here. That's fine by me.