maxi grillen

I heard about this fast food thing called rulle. I've never had it, cos it's made with sausages and as a veggie, sausages are just no fun. But it also has lettuce and mashed potatoes, which I love.. Amazingly all wrapped up on a flat bread.
Not that long ago I tried the veggie version of it.
A good friend of mine, came from NYC for a couple of days. He's 'TV on the Radio's' roadie and they played at Debaser.
I didn't have time to eat a proper dinner, so I headed directly to Debaser hoping to grab something to eat on the way. And i did.
I went to this place that's right across the street where the show took place, and ate a veggie rulle.
Now, I'm not a big fast food lover, and usually I like taking my time when eating. But sometimes you just need something quick, cheap and filling. And filling it was.
This rulle thing didn't change my life, and i'm not a convert, but if you find yourself around Debaser about to see your favorite band, don't be shy. Head over to Maxi Grillen and order a rulle. It's cheap, quick and filling.
Sometimes that's all you need.