La Neta

la neta

La Neta
Barnuhsgatan 2
08411 5880

I usually write about coffee. Where to go for good coffee, this or that cappuccino, blah blah.
But not today. Today i'm going mexican. Sweden might be an unlikely place to enjoy mexican food, but hey, I'm always open for some good tacos, even in cold Sweden.
I almost gave up on mexican food here, that is until I heard of La Neta.
The other day I was working around the downtown area. It was cold, I was starving. Luckily, I remembered this small place owned and ran by mexicans.
They offer a simple and affordable menu: tacos and quesadillas.
The food was everything mexican food should be: delicious, fresh and spicy.. The staff was friendly and I got to finally use my spanish in Stockholm. 'La Neta' means 'for real' or 'the truth' in mexican (I know, I know), which is a perfect name for this restaurant. Their food is truthfully good. For real.

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