Barista cafe @ Victoria

barista cafe

Barista Fair Trade Coffee
Gƶtgatan 67

To me, breakfast is a reward to myself for waking up early. The air is fresh, the streets are quite. I barely understand what's going on. But as soon as I have breakfast, I'm happily awake . Suddenly it all makes sense.
Moving from NY to Stockholm is not easy, especially if you are a breakfast geek. From creamy scramble eggs to veggie burritos and muffins and bagels, NY is breakfast heaven.
Sweden might well be a fabian utopia, but as far as breakfasts go.. it could be better..
Still, sometimes before going for work, I stop over at 'barista', a cafe located at Victoria, Stockholm's best independent film movie theater.
Every morning they serve granola and yoghurt, cheese sandwiches and smooth fair trade coffee. The place is also open till later, so you can grab some coffee and go watch a good film.
And what can be better than coffee and a good movie? Breakfast in New York, of course.

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