Johan & Nyström

Swedenborgsatan 7
08 702 2040

Lactose free milk seems to be in vogue in Stockolm. Not sure why, but lactose has become the new enemy.
It used to be butter or white bread. New enemies seem to keep popping up, making the simple act of eating quite a complicated one.
I prefer simple food. If i want to eat bread, I just eat bread, If i want sugar, then I eat sugar (non of those sweetners for me). If i want a capuccino, I order a capuccino. No lactose free or soy milk for me. Good old milk would do.
Now, if I want an amazing cappuccino, I go to Johan & Nyström's.
This is their concept store, located in the Mariatorget area of southern Stockholm. These guys are wholesalers and source and roast their own beans. And I love that. Real coffee, real milk, amazing macaroons and an amazing store.
What else does one need? Lactose free milk? No, thanks.

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