saltå kvarn cafe

I haven't been writing much on the blog, lately. I've been on holidays and enjoying the summer a bit too much. I went to Denmark and southern Sweden.
But i'm not going to write about that right now (maybe later). What I do want to write about is Saltå Kvarn, where we stopped for a quick lunch on our way to Denmark.
This cafe/store is just half an hour from Stockholm, which makes it a perfect place for a day trip of amazing organic food in the countryside.
I had the most delicious pasta salad ever with their famous organic mango-orange juice, sitting right by a stream next to the cafe. Perfect location for a fresh lunch.
Saltå Kvarn is a cooperative that sells organic flour, bread, beans and juice. It's one of my favorite Swedish brands and what's best, they are about to open a bakery right down the street, here in southern Stockholm, on Bondegatan street. A great addition to the neighborhood.
I've been enjoying the Summer a bit too much. Now it's time to get back to work, have proper coffee around the neighborhood and wait for Saltå Kvarn bakery to open its doors in August.