Roberts Coffee

I haven't posted much lately. I've been working a lot, travelling some and working some more. Thats about to change, tho. I noticed that newstockholm has been quite useful for several visitors and I still get really nice emails about it. So it is my duty to keep sampling coffee and good food around town. It must be done.
The other day I found myself at Ösermalms Saluhall, an impressive food market in the fancy part of town. From pasta, to classic swedish dishes, this place has it all for food nerds. It was around 11am, too early for lunch, so I went to Roberts Coffee. I was very conservative, I got a cappuccino and a cinnamon bun. The coffee was smooth and the bun was just perfect. Ideal for a pre lunch snack (or a second breakfast). They also offer different kinds of organic juices, teas, sandwiches, etc. For me the coffee and the bulle were enough.
I've been working a lot and travelling some more. But I will always have time for a pre lunch snack. Even in the fancy part of town.