drop coffee

Drop Coffee
Wollmar Yxkullsgatan 10
070 812 8813

Today is an important day. It's the day when I decided to face my fears. I'm starting my Swedish classes. Full time.
I've been living on and off in Stockholm for over a year. And yet, I don't speak Swedish. I can mumble a few words here and there (my friends think i'm not that bad, but I'd rather be all that good). Which means a couple of things. I'll be going to cafes a bit more often to study and have lots of coffee.
The other day I went to a newish cafe around Maria Torget. Drop Coffee has become one of my favorite new places. They roast their own beans, which in itself is quite amazing. In fact, they are very particular and selective about their beans. They also have a small but perfectly put together menu. Breakfast all day, toasted sandwiches, and some pastries and cupcakes. Everything you need for a very important day of studying and practicing the ö, ä, and the å's. I will need that.