Between the bars

1. Indigo

2. Kåken
4. Snotty

I've been getting several emails from readers wondering about bars in Stockholm. I know I usually write about coffee or pizza. But bars in Stockholm are definitely worth a check, too.
In general, nightlife in this city can be quite a cozy experience, especially if compared with other cities' nightlife.
It all starts fairly early, and most bars close at 1:00. So it's worth showing up at around 22:00 and let the night do its thing. Drinks can be a bit expensive, but it's worth the investment. In terms of which bar to choose, it depends on the mood and what one is after. Some can be a bit busier, with louder music and even some dodgy dancing. Kåken would fall under this category. It's the only place on my list that opens till later (2.00) and it starts a bit later, too. Lots of people around and good music. Open wednesdays till saturdays.
I do prefer more chilled bars, tho, like Indigo, Pet Sounds and Snotty. Music is usually good, cool crowds and decent drinks. Ideal on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.
Brooklyn Bar and Marie Leveau are more lively and crowded. I go to either one of this places when after a bit of a party athmosphere, but not too much. At M.L. there's a cover charge, but it's free before 23:00, so it's fine.
And El Mundo is a great local bar with a bit of an ironic latin flavor. No salsa or mariachis here, well, just a bit, and that's good. Well worth a visit for some tragos and fiestas plus there's a really good restaurant by the bar, as well, called Matkultur.
So yeah, here's my top 7 bars in Stockholm. Bottoms up.