Blå Lotus

Cafe Blå Lotus
Katarina Bangata 21

I've always found hippies somewhat funny and interesting. They like flowers, group hugs and good music. Their original philosophy inspired a whole generation and gave way to new ideas, like the whole new age thing to good vegetarian restaurants here and there.
When I lived in Los Angeles I lived near Topanga Canyon, one of the bastions of the original hippies. True tho that many of them became quite wealthy (like the owners of Tazo tea company or Odwalla juice) but others are still group hugging and listening to usually good music with long grey hair and beards living 'frugally'. I've always loved driving thru Topanga Canyon on my way to Malibu. It literally felt like a time capsule, a live documentary about those days. Of course, these days it's one of the most expensive areas to live in.
Somehow Blå Lotus reminds me of those hippie days I've never experienced except for those drives through Topanga Canyon.
Maybe it's the new agey decor or the overall feeling, but yeah. Their breakfast is amazingly good and filling. But this is probably one of the best place to go for soup in Stockholm. Affordable, always served with good bread and with a smile. No group hugs, tho.