Chic Konditori

Chic Konditori
Swedenborgsgatan 1

So many times people have asked me where to go for proper swedish baked goods. And it's not an easy answer, because so many cafes in Stockholm are more 'anglo' style cafes, with barista style coffee and organic this and that. Despite the name Chic Konditori is not particularly chic, but it's a proper swedish bakery. The place itself feels like a swedish grandma's house with outdated but somehow fitting wallpaper and old furniture all over. The coffee is decent but not life changing. But the baked goods are perfect. I've been there a few times already, and today I had a swedish classic, semla. The atomic bomb of them baked goods. The big boy. Creamy, fluffy and filling. Just as it should be.
This cafe is located in one of Stockholm's nicest neighborhoods, Maria Torget. Worth a walk after snacking and surviving a semla.

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