Swedes take pride in their efficiency and the way things are organized. And overall things are tidy and one can get things done fairly quickly and efficiently. But the supermarkets are a bit of a mess. Every time I go there's a big line with maybe one or two registers open at a time. They never got the concept of an 'express line' or a '10 items only' line. No. Nada.
Instead one must wait for what feels like hours. At least they display some bad but entertaining gossip magazines, sharing the latest news on the Swedish royal family and some random celebrities no one has ever heard of.
But yeah, the other day I went to Coffice (yes, again) and had some good coffee by this amazing table inspired by the bottom of the ocean, apparently.
True, it has nothing to do with my comments about supermarkets. But the cappuccinos were prepared quickly and efficiently. No waiting required.