Moderna Museum

These past days have been an experience. Things seem to be hazier and more abstract than usual. Colors muted, sounds muffled. I smile for no reason and at times I skip meals without realizing. Thing is, I haven't been able to sleep much at all. Without sleep, things start to float away from reality and take on a new dimension. Not better or worst. Just different. I'm trying hard to fall asleep right now as I write this, but I can't. So I keep writing, which at least is more productive than just laying in my bed, turning around back and forth, hugging and then pushing the pillows away, turning the lights on and off and playing random music.
When I do manage to fall asleep, I seem to wake up extremely early in the mornings, and I feel as if I was jet lagged, living in my own surreal time zone. When up this early, I try to get work done, make myself some tea and plan my breakfasts. I gaze at the outside world through my window and everything seems staged, in a way that's hard to describe with words.
So the other day I decided to go for breakfast to Modernamuseet. Easily one of the best museums in town. I became a member, which was a great decision since I can now just pop by anytime and admire some pieces and wonder why some others are even there.
The breakfast deal is good in terms of price, but on the poorer side when it comes to content. It is quite bready. A baguette, a croissant, some jam, cream cheese, peanut butter, orange juice and coffee. The coffee IS good, professionally prepared every time. And now that it's warmer I sit outdoors, mainly by myself just having my coffee and wondering why the croissant is so small.
Still it's a good experience, and always a plus to be able to sit outdoors in our short summers.
I know that soon I'll be able to sleep normally again. I just have to weather this storm, because I know that no matter what, mornings always come. And with it a good, bready and geeky breakfast. And sometimes, that's worth waking up for.