I've always wondered why breakfast is so expensive here in Stockholm. In many other cities, breakfast is a popular and rather affordable option. A quick visit to a favourite coffee shop, some yoghurt,  a sandwich, bread jam and butter would make for a perfect start of the day. Here breakfasts are not so popular but there are really good options, at a price, of course.
ilcaffé is my second home. I go there a lot, the staff know me, they always know what 'the usual' is, it's my second office, a hangout place, casual lunch spot and if I have the time and € a good breakfast place, as well.
Their coffee is strong and rich, the yoghurt is French and fancy, the sandwiches simple but delicious and always made with fresh quality ingredients, the cinnamon buns... the best in the neighbourhood, easily. They share their space with Fabrique, the omnipresent newish bakery that's all over Stockholm these days (they've even opened one in London).
I truly love this cafe, for fika, casual lunch, late coffee and yes, pricy breakfasts.