Le Violon Dingue

I've been to Paris many times. The buildings, the people, the food, the air. It feels like a movie with all its clichés unfolding before your eyes. 
I have argued many times with my French friends about this but coffee there is just not that good at all. Burnt, ashy, too hot. It might sound like heresy, given the fact that their coffee culture has been around for who knows how long. Still....
Now Stockholm is no Paris. Hard to identify what makes Stockholm the city that it is, at least at first glance. 
In downtown Stockholm there's a small bakery, hole in the wall kind of place called Le Violon Dingue
A French inspired bakery, with a Swedish flavour where the best handmade cinnamon buns share counter space with brioche and fancy breads. The friendliest staff, everything baked in house, good prices and a beautiful if rustic place. 
This bakery is only open office hours, so it's ideal for picking up something for a lunch out (they have no room inside) or before the office breakfast on the go. 
Stockholm is no Paris, and I heard that Woody Allen was offered to make a film here in Stockholm but he hasn't come up with an idea for a good film here, yet. Somebody tell him coffee here is good.