I never quite understood malls. To me they seem cold, sterile, characterless. When I lived in Los Angeles I even remember that some locals went there jogging before the mall opened, as if it was a park, but indoors. Imagine. Jogging at a mall.
Still I found myself at Mood yesterday. Mood is a mall (or galleria as they call them here), fairly new and different from other malls I've been. It's a modern but charming place, with dim lighting, some stores and several really good restaurants. Yesterday, Saturday night we were heading to the movies, but it was still a bit early and we were in the mood (no pun intended) for some snacking and some wine. Boqueria was the perfect choice. It's a bit fancy but casual and the food is good. We got some veggie tapas and overpriced white wine and just sat there. It's a relaxed bar atmosphere. There's also a proper restaurant for those in need of a lunch/dinner table and waiters.
Then headed to the movies to see the latest Woody Allen movie, Blue Jasmine, which despited the reviews I thought was really bad. Anyway, I should have gone jogging at the mall. Maybe it's allowed here, too.