Kafé Sjöstugan

I'm not sporty. I don't even own any sporty clothes. I do like biking, tho. I find biking relaxing and it allows me to get to new areas of the city, connecting neighbourhoods and discovering new favourite cafes. Yesterday was really sunny and hot, and there was really nothing else to do but to bike all theway to a new area and take coffee somewhere new and maybe even take a swim. So we did.
After  a rather long ride since we were biking from the other side of town we found ourselves by the Brunnsviken area of northern Stockholm. Theres a beautiful lake, trees... well, nature I guess. Right by the water there's this place Kafé Sjöstugan. A semi hippie and very popular place. All the food is freshly prepared with organic ingredients, the bread and the cinnamon buns and cake all baked in house every day. Great place to just take some lunch, coffee and relax. They even have tables by their own pier which is ideal for an afternoon swim after fika. After all this I was dead. And we still had to bike back home. I'm not sporty at all. But will go to the edge of the city for coffee and a swim.