Café Kaffe

I've had many jobs. The worst one? Once I thought it'd be a good idea to get a part-time job as a post delivery guy. The first day, I showed up all excited and full energy and there it was. The biggest and heaviest bag anyone has ever since. Full packed with millions of letters. I'm no Santa so there was no way that was gonna happen. I quit. Right there and then. That was the beginning and the end of my career within the post office. Many years have passed. I'm older and hopefully wiser. No signs of a beer belly or receding hairlines, so far.
I'm happy to be in school these days but I do work every once in a while. I work at Stutterheim. A handmade raincoats company. So no more half a ton post bags. No need to quit on any first days. So today before work I headed to Kaffe (is that the name?), a noisy and special place where it's all about coffee. Inspired by italian espresso bars this corner cafe is one of my favourite stops for a quick and strong cappuccinos. And cookies, of course. The prices and the staff are friendly. It's a cash only business. I made sure I had some with me. Thank goodness for my extra job. No heavy bags to carry around.