Chic Konditori

I guess there will be elections in Sweden next year. Definitely not looking forward to it. Everybody will suddenly become very opinionated and judgemental. And to me, no parties seem interesting enough to even write about them let alone go out and vote. Plus I'm not even sure if I qualify to vote here, but anyway. 

I guess political bloggers will write a lot about this and I'll leave politics out of this blog as much as I can. In many ways, politics is like religion, its just an opinion, and thats OK. 
Today Tuesday is grey out. A bit chilly and I dont feel very energetic. I didn't even have the energy to go for fika. Instead I stopped by classic Chic Konditori and got myself a mazarin, the Swedish classic pastry that reminds Swedes of of lazy Sundays with their grandmas drinking dark coffee like its water. 
Anyway, that was my afternoon. strong coffee, a mazarin and a longing for calmer days. I'll leave politics to other bloggers. Me, I'll keep writing about the good food that makes this city an amazing one. That's what I vote for.