Magasin 3

Books have been written about what art is, what it means and how important it is. I can sometimes feel overwhelmed and surprised by a piece of art and some other times I just can't. Maybe I'm too cynical or maybe it was just a piece of metal in a giant room. Either way, I truly enjoy going to museums and galleries.
Magasin 3 is a great if hidden gallery. Located in a shipping port area of a forgotten edge of Stockholm this gallery is housed in a beautifully sturdy brick building and has just opened a new exhibition ambitiously called 'Otherworldly'. After walking around looking at bathtub and small houses sculptures we sat down for a deliciously rich cappuccino and shared a fralla (aka cheese sandwich). All in all well worth the effort and the bus ride. The coffee and the building are 'otherworldly'. The art itself.. well, just some big pieces of metal.