So it was 'cinnamon bun day' the other day. To me nothing says Sweden more than a proper cinnamon bun. The question is.. How did I celebrate it? Since I eat several cinnamon buns a week I figured I'd do something different. Something out of the ordinary. Something Chocolatly. Last Saturday was a lazy Saturday. As it should be. Waking up to the smell of cinnamon buns (happy neighbours) is always a good thing. But then again.. I was craving chocolate. Somehow, I was around fancy Östermalm, and it was just after lunch, perfect time for coffee..
But where to go? Chokladfabriken sounded like the best option. Perfectly crafted handmade chocolate, good coffee and random magazines showcasing homes I'm never gonna be able to afford. But that's OK, because there's chocolate. And lots of it. We sampled a few truffles and different chocolate bites.
It was 'cinnamon bun day' the other day. Not for me. It was chocolate Saturday.