Snickarbacken 7

It's Monday, Halloween soon. Parties, vampires and zombies. I'm not in the mood for that right now. Been busy working on a web app for my school, coding, programming and designing. Not the usual weekend, but still. Was able tho to take a break at hidden Snickarbacken 7. It's a cafe and a shop in a tucked away garage like shop. The coffee is always perfectly made, good baked goods, filling lunches  and life saving breakfasts. At the very back there's a shop with handpicked garments and accessories that I wish I could afford. The walls are also use as gallery space, showcasing the work of known local artists, which is always updated and well layed out.
This place is a gem in a neighbourhood of prefab chain cafes, fancy stores and soulless clothing brands. It feels genuine, honestly cool. Great place for a coffee break, away from the parties and the vampires. I do feel like a zombie, tho.
It's halloween, after all.