Vurma - Vasastan

There was a time in Stockholm when fluffy pillows, multi cultural menus and hippie decor were all the rage. Some people call it the second wave of cafés or some sort of wave, at least.  Focus was (and still is) on good fresh food, OK coffee, big menus, kitschy furniture and coloured walls. 
I've never been a big fan of pillows at cafés, although I do enjoy them in my bed, or hippies or coloured walls. I do like coffee and well prepared sandwiches. I do like salads, especially if they come in big portions with freshly baked bread. 
Vurma is one of such places, still hugely popular, still slightly hippie and still kitschy. Right down the street from Vasaparken this spot is ideal for a filling breakfast or a healthy hearty lunch. Prices are kinda decent, especially the daily lunch specials. 
I like Vurma. Hippie and all.