What does 120kr buys you? An apartment in Berlin, a Soviet-era submarine and quite likely a few Twitter shares. I could have bought any of those things. Instead, I went for breakfast to Kaffeverket. Sure, not the cheapest option, but it was a good morning. Yoghurt and freshly made crunchy granola, cheese sandwiches and the best coffee anyone could dream about on a Sunday morning were the best way to start this busy/lazy Sunday. Located in Sankt Eriksplan, one of my favorite neighborhoods, Kaffeverket is a favourite amongst good looking young parents working in Media and probably project managing stuff (whatever that means). They offer fresh salads, fancy French yoghurts, muffins, grilled sandwiches and everything needed to survive a day in the hood. 
I don't need an apartment in Berlin. Or a submarine. Twitter shares wouldn't be that bad. Instead I had a massive life saving breakfast at Kaffeverket. And that's what 120kr buys you.