Everything costs a fortune in Stockholm. Breakfast? 80kr. Lunch? 100kr. Dinner? Well.. a lot. I'm a student these days. Coding, programming, designing. A lot of work, not enough siestas.
After school, though I do enjoy some good fikas here and then. Yes, coffee and baked goods can be pricy but well worth the $.
Petrus is a fairly new bakery around Mariatorget. Sourdough bread, brioches (spelling?), classic Swedish cookies, chocolate muffins…. The coffee is on the weaker side but at 20kr really can't complain. The prices were surprisingly friendly, which was a new in Stockholm. The place is small but cozy and the staff is friendly and helpful. This is one of my new favourite places for good fikas. Everything costs a fortune in Stockholm. But Petrus proves it doesn't have to.