The Artisan Pizza

'Is the mozzarella pasteurised?' - asked the customer in front of me. He was confused to find pizza by the slice. Just laying there over the counter. Already prepared. All ready to eat. The humanity.
It's fair to say that the concept of pizza by the slice is at best uncommon in Stockholm, let alone in Sweden.
On the other hand, I was thrilled, excited, almost baffled to see such amazing display of perfectly prepared slices. Real cheeses, fresh veggies. All ready to eat.
I've now eaten many times at The Artisanal, which has become my favourite pizza place in this cold city. Not only they freshly prepared their pizza using the best ingredients, but they ferment their dough for 48hrs. to achieve perfection. What can I say, I could eat pizza everyday. Especially here.
And yes, the mozzarella is pasteurised.

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