A friend of mine once jokingly said: ‘you know you made it when you don’t have to work on the weekends’. that might be a low bar to rate success, but still, there’s some truth to it. this coming from someone that has worked many a weekends throughout the years. 
Not now though, now i get to wake up late over the weekend and from time to time treat myself to some good brunch. now i can enjoy places like Färgfabriken
Färgfabriken is a modern art gallery that features up and coming artists and some established ones, they also hold events and parties and everything in between. Located in a semi industrial area, right by the water, they also have a brunch / café on the bottom floor that’s just perfect for brunch. 
Eggs Benedict, Florentine, cakes, cookies and good coffee. Everything needed for a perfect weekend Brunch.
That’s what I do on the weekends. I made it, after all. 

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