A.B. Café

Telefonplan is the kind of neighborhood that unless you have a reason to be here, it feels like you are in the middle of nowhere. It has traditionally been a calm area, with many modernist buildings, a quiet utopia. A place where workers and their families could call home. Of course this is Sweden, and the workers (as in working class) have either disappeared, or have become office workers, or they moved to Finland, I don't know. What is clear though, is that there are many younger families moving in. Creatives, architects, designers. Maybe it's because Konstfack school of art is here, or the famous digital technology and communication school Hyper Island, or the modernist houses, or the prices.
Just a few days ago, A.B. Café opened its door in the middle of Telefonplan. I've been waiting the whole week to go check it out.
And so I managed to stop by this morning, for early brunch, or late breakfast. What a pleasure. The granola with fresh strawberries (unseen in Stockholm, really), the croissant, the sandwich, the coffee. Just perfect. On top of that, friendly staff, good looking modernist interiors and you have a winning combo. I truly wish them the best. They deserve it. The neighborhood deserves it.
The calm modernist utopia just got a little better.


  1. I just bumped on your blog, and I think it has instantly become one of my favourites. Thanks for all the nice posts! I'll surely visit a lot of your recommendations next time I am in Stockholm.

  2. Gustavo Woltmann thinks that this is great blog! - Gustavo Woltmann

  3. Gustavo Woltmann thinks that this is great blog! - Gustavo Woltmann