A while ago a good friend of mine jokingly wondered out loud why raw food was so expensive. 'It's not even cooked', he added. Despite his cynicism, there was something to his complaint. 
Now, even though I'm a vegetarian, I've never been so much into the raw food movement. Maybe it was the prices, or the fact that I enjoy hot food, or maybe I just don't like raw stuff that much. 
But I do love food. So... I found myself at Matapoteket
With an open heart, and an open wallet (just kidding, the prices are actually very friendly), I ordered a couple of dishes: a falafel dish and a spring roll. 
The service was very good, as clueless as I was trying to read the menu and understand the ingredients, they were very friendly and guided me to some raw goodness. 
The food was great, and surprisingly filling. 
Everything they serve is carefully prepared using organic ingredients and following 'raw food' principles. Matapoteket was a pleasant surprise. Good food, nice calm atmosphere and good coffee. 
Now I need to convince my friend to give it a try. The food is not even cooked. 

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