Many times I've been asked: Where should I go for dinner in Stockholm? 
Now, I had the opportunity and the privilege to eat at Gro. Easily the best dinner I've had in Stockholm. Ever. Hands down. 
Gro is the kind of restaurant that surpasses it's good reputation. First, the place. Located in a small shop with a big open kitchen and a modernist interior, right by a noisy avenue. Friendly and accommodating staff. Then the food. This vegetables centric restaurant sources its seasonal ingredients locally. But it's not just the quality of the ingredients that stood out for me. But the technique and the way they were prepared. Textures, flavours, temperatures all delicately balancing each other. The menu is set, with only two options, one for omnivores and the other one for vegetarians. Great wine is also on offer. Ah! And the menu includes not one, but two desserts. 
So, where should you go for dinner in Stockholm? 

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