Polarisation, extremism, cuts, you name it. With so many issues plaguing Sweden and Europe these days, it's easy to forget to enjoy the small things. And even easier to forget that we can only affect the way we think and therefore act. I guess the best way to improve the world is to improve our own world first. Some of the small rituals I love is to go for lunch by myself. Not too often (otherwise they are going to realise I'm a proper loner, at my office) but as much as I can. Two or three days a week I venture out, on my own on a quest for a peaceful lunch. Sometimes I take long walks in the hopes of discovering a good new spot. And during one of these walks I came across Vina.
Vina, a small tucked away wine bar and food heaven. The kind of place you wish you could find in Paris. For lunch they have a simple menu of just three dishes, written on a piece of paper on the wall. A soup (always vegetarian) served with a piece of cheese and bread, a salad or a pasta dish, always with coffee included, at a ridiculous good price. I usually go for the soup as it's the perfect meal for a lighter lunch.
With so many problems all over the world, a peaceful and quite lunch, in a tucked away corner of Södermalm, Stockholm might just be one of those small things I sure won't stop enjoying.

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