Louie Louie

louie louie

Louie Louie
Bondegatan 13

I read somewhere that Stockholm had a record number of visitors this season. That's definitely good news for the local economy, and that makes me very happy.
What doesn't make me very happy is that summer is coming to an end. No more flip flops and shorts. No more sitting under the sun for hours doing nothing. It's time to get back indoors. Time for umbrellas and scarves. Time to hibernate. And what better to place to do so than a nice coffee shop, with good music and an always interesting crowd?
What better place than Louie Louie? This cafe has become a classic in the area. From affordable breakfasts to popular afternoon coffee there's always something decent to eat.
Oh, and there's a nice outdoors sitting area, just in case it's sunny.
It's not winter yet, you see...