Cafe Rhodos

So summer is ending. No more skinny dipping, sailing or random picnics. 
One of this summer's discoveries for me has been this side of Södermalm. The southern side of the island, right by the water hosts a great strip where one can swim, picnic, cycle and siesta in the sun without the massive crowds of other areas, like Långholmen, for example. One of the pearls of this area is Cafe Rhodos, the randomly named trailer cafe that literally saves the day. Just about the only place in the whole area where coffee, cinnamon buns, cookies, smoothies, breakfast and light lunches are freshly prepared everyday to be enjoyed in the sun, right by the water. This is a very charming little cafe, with a huge sitting area, good music always plays and the service is personal and friendly. I usually buy coffee and a couple of cookies. No need for more. I think this cafe is only open for two more weeks, so yeah.. a bit of a late posting, but nonetheless. There might still be time for some swimming and some coffee at Rhodos. 

*Update, I'm not really sure if these guys are still around...