Tomorrow is Monday. But not just another Monday. Besides the usual Monday's blues, the end of the weekend grief and summer-is-becoming-to-an-end Monday, tomorrow is the day I go back to school, again. In an interesting twist of fate and such I'm starting at Hyper Island, after a year of madness at Berghs School of Communication. But I can't complain, learning is always good, and it's a good program. So yeah. More hard work.
One of the things that make life easier when working hard is the company of good coffee and an environment that allows for some peace. Coffice is much more than a coffee shop, it's a 'workers' club' where for a small fee one can join and enjoy the place in an open office kind of way. Of course there's no need to join this club to enjoy the coffee. I just go there sometimes when I need to hide and just work. They have just started a collaboration with Johan & Nyström so their coffee is really good. Now another year of studies, hard work, random people and coffee. Yes, tomorrow is Monday, and it'll be a busy week. But I know where I'll be many a weekends to come.